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Block Grab Hire
Block Grab

An easy & efficient way to build your Block Walls. The Dingo Block Grab is an invaluable tool for any contractor building block walls.

The Dingo not only has the power to lift these blocks but gives the contractor excellent vision and feel when building the wall when compared with larger machines.
And of course, the Dingo’s compact size means you will be able to build block walls easily where larger machines will not fit. The Block grab is simply fastened to the Dingo Lifting Jib.

The Block Grab is designed to grab and release the blocks without the operator having to leave the Operators Platform.

Hire Companies: The Block Grab is an easy and cheap way to make your Dingo even more hireable.
Max. block size: 1m x 350mm
Approx Weight: 18 kg
Used For: Lifting limestone, cement blocks for retaining walls etc.
Used By: Dingo Contractors, Landscapers, retaining wall contractors, Hire companies.
Goes With: Lifting Jib
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