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Bucket - 4 in 1

Probably our most popular item - apart from the Dingoes themselves!

It’s a bucket, a blade, a grab and a leveller! Operated with skill this will be one of the best attachments you’ll have for your Dingo. Simply because it can do so much!
As a bucket

It can be operated as a normal loader bucket, but it can load into taller trucks or bins because it can empty by opening up the bottom. It can also empty out a sticky load much better. Materials can be dribbled from the bottom of the bucket, thereby helping to spread them out rather than simply dumping them.

As a grab

One of its most useful attributes. The 4 in 1 bucket is great for lifting and carrying a variety of objects. But be careful! The Dingo has a lot of power and the 4 in 1 can squash some objects.

As a blade

The 4 in 1 pushes a load easily, and there’s lots of ways to do this. Experiment and find the method which suits you. We find one of the best methods is to keep the front of the bucket out in front pushing the top off, and the back of the bucket acting as a normal blade - finishing the job.

As a leveller

With the jaws open and with the open edges near to the ground the 4 in 1 can be dragged forward and backward for level-ling. The bucket bottom helps to break up the lumps and the back edge smooths them out. This isn’t as good or as easy as the dedicated leveller, but it’s certainly an added bonus to a very useful attachment.

Using the dedicated leveller attachment can also be made easier with the 4 in 1 bucket - All new levellers come with pick up points for grabbing with the 4 in 1, so to use the leveller you just grab it and go!
FACTS AT A GLANCE | 4 in 1 Bucket
Standard Version
Capacity - struck: 0.13m3
Capacity - heaped: 0.17m3
Width: 1050mm
Teeth: Optional
Approx Weight: 125kg
Wide Version
Capacity - struck: 0.15m3
Capacity - heaped: 0.20m3
Width: 1200mm
Teeth: Optional
Used For: Bucket work, moving heavy objects, levelling dirt, gravel and sand,
back filling trenches.
Used By: Most Dingo owners: Contractors, Landscapers, Fencers, electricians,
plumbers, National Parks, Councils, & Hire Companies.
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