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Rock Breaker (inside Breaker)

The compact design of the Dingo Breaker makes it the ideal companion to the Dingo.

Tools available include the standard moil point, narrow and wide chisels (the wide chisel also being known as an asphalt cutter.
The Dingo Breaker is great for:
  1. Breaking driveway / footpaths
  2. Breaking rocks in trenches and in post holes (large rocks that the trencher or post hole digger cannot bring up easily.
  3. Chiselling tiles
  4. and all kinds of demolition work.
The Dingo Breaker comes standard with a moil point.
FACTS AT A GLANCE | Dingo Breaker
Blow Energy: 110 Joule
Impact frequency: 22-37Hz
Working pressure: 80/125bar
Oil flow: 15-28L/min
Approx Weight: 72kg
Hydraulic flow: 40-47L/min
Used For: Breaking concrete, rocks, brickwork, chiselling tiles, cutting asphalt etc.
Used By: Mines, Hire companies, Contractors, Builders, Plumbers, Earth moving Contractors, Floor Preparation Contractors, Paving Contractors, demolition contractors.
Tools | Moil Point
Width: 46mm
Total length: 420mm
Chisel Width: 35mm
Width: 46mm
Total length: 420mm
Wide Chisel (Asphalt cutter)
Width: 130mm
Total length: 420mm
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