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The best value Trencher available

What makes a Dingo such a good trenching machine? (Better, in fact, than many larger machines.)

Firstly, the Dingo hydraulic system allows the oil to be used fully without creating excessive heat. This means that the viscosity of the oil is maintained so that the power can be transferred to the digging chain.
Secondly, Dingo recognised that the most efficient trenching machines used more expensive (better quality) chain with more teeth. This number of cutting teeth, combined with the correct chain speed, allows for the best possible cut.

And thirdly, our trencher uses a special drive sprocket designed (by Dingo) for “sticky” soil types and sand - conditions where other trenchers jam. Our trenchers can jam too, but not as easily. Another important consideration is that it’s a hydraulically driven trencher. With direct or mechanical drive trenchers, breakdown costs are high.
Digging Depth: 1000mm
Cut Width: 100, 150, 200, 250, & 300mm
Teeth types: Cup or Diggatac
Features: Manual side shift, 42mm chain (frost), 300mm dia. single re-movable auger.
Flow Range: 40-47L/Min
Frame width: 1010mm
Side shift travel: 485mm
Min side clearance: 210mm
Total Dig Depth: 1016mm
Overall Length: 1620mm
Height: 620mm
Approx Weight: 200 - 220kg
Used For: Digging trenches in soil, clay, sand, rock and shale.
Used By: Contractors, plumbers, landscapers, electricians, Hire Companies.
Goes with: Crumber bar, Adapter kits, blade, turf cutter, under road borer.
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